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Reloading Supplies, Ammunition, Camping Tents, Food and Water Equipment, Scopes, Knives, Flashlights, Stoves and More

Camping Tents Water Treatment and Transport Gun Scopes & Optics

Camping Tents

1 Person or Solo Tents, 2 Person Tents, 3 Person Tents, 4 Person Tents, 5 Person Tents, 6 Person Tents, 7+ Person Tents, Screen Houses, Shelters

Water Treatment and Transport

Chemicals and Treatment, Filter and Purifier Equipment, Water Bottles, Water Filters and Purifiers, Water Transport

Gun Scopes & Optics

Base & Ring Combos, Bases, Base & Ring Combos, Binoculars, Bore Sighting, Care and Maintenance, Mounting Systems, Rangefinders, Rings, Rifle Scopes, Scope Covers and Lens Shades, Scopes, Spotting and Telescopes, Tripods, Adapters and Mounting

Knives and Knife Accessories Ammunition Food and Food Processing

Knives and Knife Accessories

Axes, Saws & Shears, Fishing Knives, Fixed Blade, Folding and Lock Back, Machetes, Multi-Purpose Tools, Sharpeners, Sheaths, Spears, Swords


Centerfire Handgun Ammo, Centerfire Rifle Ammo, Dummy Cartridges, Blanks, Rimfire, Shotgun Shells

Food and Food Processing

Grinders, Meat Tenderizers, Smokers, Specialty Food Processing, Vacuum Packaging

Flashlights and Lighting Stoves and Fuel Reloading

Flashlights and Lighting

Headlamps, Lanterns (Battery and Fuel Operated), Standard Flashlights, Tactical and Professional Lighting

Stoves and Fuel

Camping Stoves and Grills, Canister Stoves, Heaters and Propane Items, Liquid Fuel Bottles, Liquid Fuel Stoves, Repair and Miscellaneous Parts

Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories  

Crossbows and Accessories

Aluminum Bolts, Broadheads, Carbon Bolts, Cases and Sleeves, Cocking Device, Crossbow Packages, Crossbows, Optics, Sighting, Mounts, Quivers, Replacement Parts, Slings and Swivels, Wax and Lube


Brass, Bullets, Calipers and Bullet Measuring, Case Care and Trimmers, Dies and Parts, Powder, Presses, Primer Accessories, Scales, Shell Holders and Shell Plates, Reloading Supplies

Pinnacle Trading Company sells a variety of outdoor equipment for every outdoor enthusiast. From the beginner hunter, camper, or backpacker to the most experienced outdoor enthusiast, we sell all of the gear you will need for your next trip. Because of our special relationships with our suppliers, we are able to bring quality camping supplies to our valued customers at discount prices. Some of the discount merchandise you can buy online from Pinnacle Trading Company includes camping tents, water treatment and transport systems, gun scopes and optics, knives, ammunition, food and food processing appliances, flashlights and lighting, stoves and fuel, crossbows and accessories, and reloading supplies. So if you are looking to buy outdoor, camping, and hunting equipment online at low prices, make Pinnacle Trading Company your number one store.


A tent is the most basic piece of gear for any camper or backpacker, and there are many different sizes and styles of tents available from which to choose. Choosing just which tent is right for you comes from considering the size and weight that you will want your tent to be, as well as in what temperatures you will be using your tent. At Pinnacle Trading Company, we sell tents at low prices from trusted outdoor manufactures. Several of the brand name tents for sale on our site at discount prices include:

  • Eureka
  • Chinook
  • SwissGear
  • Wenzel
  • Stansport
  • Big Agnes

Flashlights and Lighting

When camping, hunting, or hiking outdoors at night, you will need several light sources to keep you out of the dark. You can buy discount headlamps, battery-powered lanterns, fuel-powered lanterns, and flashlights online at Pinnacle Trading Company. Our outdoor lighting equipment from leading manufactures includes:

  • Maglite Flashlights
  • Energizer Battery Operated Lanterns and Headlamps
  • Eureka Flashlights
  • Streamlight Battery-Powered Lanterns, Headlamps, and Flashlights
  • Coghlans Lanterns
  • Brunton Fuel Operated Lanterns and Battery-Powered Lanterns
  • Stansport Fuel Operated Outdoor Lanterns

Stoves and Fuel

We sell outdoor large camping stoves and grills for family use, small liquid fuel stoves for backpacking, canister stoves, and outdoor heaters and propane items. These camping stoves and propane accessories are all manufactured by trusted names in the outdoor industry and available to buy online at low prices.

Knives and Knife Accessories

We are proud to offer a wide selection of knives for use when hunting, camping, and fishing. Our selection of quality discount knives includes:

  • Axes, saws, and shears for clearing bush, chopping wood, and cleaning small game.
  • Fishing knives for cleaning and filleting a good catch.
  • Fixed blade and lock back blade knives each serving several purposes.
  • Sheaths for safe and easy transport of your knives when hiking through the woods.
  • Sharpeners and related products for keeping your knives in top condition.

Water Treatment Systems

We sell a variety of water treatment options and water transport containers to ensure you have clean, safe drinking water on your camping, hunting, hiking, or other outdoor trip. The low-priced water treatment systems you can buy from Pinnacle Trading Company include:

  • Water filters for removing debris and bacteria from water
  • Water purifiers to disinfect water and kill bacteria and viruses in water
  • Chemical water treatment systems to completely kill dangerous viruses

Gun Scopes and Optics

We sell affordable scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, bases and rings, mounting systems, and tripods and adapters. With the selection of discount scopes and optics available at Pinnacle Trading Company, from leading manufactures including, Nikon, Leupold, Aimpoint, Swarovski, Bushnell, and Burris, you are sure to find all of the sighting tools that you will need to take aim for your next great shot.


Pinnacle Trading Company is proud to sell low-priced centerfire handgun ammunition, centerfire rifle cartridges, rimfire ammunition, shotgun shells, and dummy cartridges at low prices. If you are looking to buy discount ammunition from trusted manufactures, make us your ammunition supplier.

Reloading Supplies

If you are looking to save money by reloading ammunition, we are the place to shop for all of your reloading supplies. From the beginner who needs everything from bullets and powder to presses, scales and powder to the expert reloader looking for a supply of quality bullets and powder, we sell all of the tools needed for reloading cartridges at low prices.

Crossbows and Crossbow Accessories

As the popularity of crossbow hunting grows, so does the availability of new crossbows on the market. You can buy crossbows, crossbow kits, aluminum bolts, carbon crossbow bolts, broadheads, cocking devices, and optics, sighting, and mounts for crossbows for discount prices at Pinnacle Trading Company. So if you are looking to buy crossbows or crossbow accessories from leading manufactures at low prices, we are the store for you.

Food and Food Processing Appliances

We sell a number of food processing appliances that are useful to any hunter bringing home large amounts of game. From vacuum packaging machines and dehydrators, to grinders and Bradley Smokers, we sell all of the food processing products at low prices that you will need to prepare the meat from your latest hunt.